Monday, July 18, 2011

Rome: First Night in the City

Upon arriving at our beautiful apartment in the center of Rome, we unpacked, showered and went out to dinner at a local restaurant. I had to get up and walk around just to keep from falling asleep. My parents and I were extremely jet lagged and the 6 hour time difference was brutal at first. We ate a delicious Italian meal then walked a short way to Piazza Navonna, a sort of square with gorgeaus statues and buildings. In the center, there's a huge fountain with street preformers surrounding it. Nate wanted to join the hip hop dancers so badly. Unfortunatly for him, he never got the chance, as we had to continue on our way around Piazza Navonna.
My "wait- I'm supposed to order in italian?!?" face. I had no clue what clam was in italian.  Clamo? no. Clamioa? nope. So, an english speaking waiter had to be summoned. I swear I heard snickers from near by tables.

Delicious fried mozzarella cheese for starters.

The ravioli was to die for.

The whole gang at a fountain.

Street preformers

View from Piazza Navonna


  1. hahahaha Jordan:) aspetta, non si può parlare italiano? well, at least they had an English waiter. love the face.
    the pics of Rome are so beautiful!!

  2. Great photos. Jordan!! Keep going!!